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Mike Benoit ipso at snappymail.ca
Mon Jun 6 18:03:47 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-06-06 at 00:43 -0400, IvanK. wrote:
> In view of that may I propose a different approach.  I believe we already have 
> fields for genre/director/actors in the xml data we pull from datadirect.  
> Say we record a romantic comedy with Hugh Grant (yeah, like hell we 
> will! :-) ), directed by so and so.  Shouldn't myth be looking for other 
> films of genre comedy, or films in which Hugh Grant appears, or which are 
> directed by a the same director?
> Or couldn't myth rate how "popular" certain channels are with you.  Say you 
> record most of the Adultswim lineup.  Isn't it logical you might find another 
> Adultswim program to be a likely candidate for recording?  Or for that 
> matter, most of the programming on the Cartoon Channel.  Compared to say, the 
> Food Channel, from which you may have recorded only one Emeril Lagasse 
> recipe.

The reason I want a recommendation system is not so I can find programs
similar to other programs that I already record (ie: same
actors,directors, or even genre). Its so I can find NEW and hopefully
DIFFERENT programs that I will likely enjoy. Especially since I skip
commercials, I rarely see advertisements for new programs, I have to
rely on word of mouth to hear about them. Hence the reason I think a
system that shares recommendations between MythTV users is essential,
think of it as "word of mouth" recommendations.

There already exists a MythTV recommendation system that is entirely
client side, and uses bayesian filters in an attempt to figure out what
other programs you may like. For my own tastes, its next to useless.

Mike Benoit <ipso at snappymail.ca>
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