[mythtv] Patch: Gallery location thumbnail patch

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Mon Jun 6 13:58:13 UTC 2005

This is an adjusted version of the patch I posted previously (and a 
variant of someone elses patch)

This creates an option to force thumbs to go to a seperate directory.  
However, if the gallery location is mounted read-only then it uses the 
local directory anyway.  So it should automatically behave pretty much 
as people expect.

I find this very useful because I mount all my pictures read-only - way 
too paranoid to let my entire photo collection at the risk of anyone who 
plays with the remote control...

Grateful if someone could apply to CVS

Ed W

P.S. The main change here is that I removed the "system" calls which 
seem like a security risk to me.  Does someone fancy looking at all the 
other "system" calls that are in myth and see if they can't be removed?  
Hard to exploit, but best not to have suprises when you get wierdly 
named files I think...

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