[mythtv] Re: Myth recommendation system

Allan Stirling Dibblahmythml0015 at pendor.org
Mon Jun 6 07:47:11 UTC 2005

IvanK. wrote:
> On Sunday 05 June 2005 06:47 am, Charlie Brej wrote:
>>Just keeping the interested people up to date on the current state of the
>>recommendation system I am working on and explain the goals of the system.
>>The idea is to have a full Tivo Like system which makes recommendations and
>>even records stuff for you on a whim that you might like. To do this the
>>users must rate shows and submit this info to the central server. They are
>>then grouped with other people with the same taste and the other peoples
>>recommendations are downloaded. People make recommendations both before the
>>show is on and after. Before the show is on these are used to guide other
>>people to shows. After the show the reviews guide people as to whether they
>>should bother to watch the show which was recorded. Even drop its auto
>>expire rating if it was found to be poor after recording automatically.
> Are you sure this is the direction the recommendation system should be 
> heading?  A central server may be a good idea for a commercial company like 
> Tivo, but for a community-based project such as MythTV who'll be hosting the 
> database, who'll be footing the bandwith, etc. bills?  But that's only the 
> logistics.  Wait till we get into the actual integrity of the content.

I seem to remember Isaac saying on IRC some time back that as long as 
the server portion is completely based on 'standard' OSS components 
(which I took to mean Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc) and is open-sourced, then 
it could (only?) be hosted on mythtv.org. I can't find it in any of my 
searches of my logs, however, so it could well be a figment of my 



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