[mythtv] MythWeb - Overrides on title search recordings not working

Christian Hack christianh at edmi.com.au
Sun Jun 5 13:42:56 UTC 2005

I have a number of title search recordings setup (type=4, search=2)

When I use the "Don't Record" option from the Upcoming Recordings screen in
MythTV they work fine and correctly create a type=8 entry in the record
table. MythWeb correctly displays them with a red box and all is well and
the recording doesn't happen.

Using the Activate or Default options from MythWeb correctly removes the
type=8 entry and the show is back in the schedule (i.e. removing the
override entry).

If I use the Don't Record option from MythWeb however, it creates the type=8
entry in the DB but neither MythWeb or MythTV recognise it as a disabled

1) I notice that MythTV fills the parentid field correctly. MythWeb does
2) MythWeb creates copies the search column whereas MythTV leaves it as 0.

Apart from that I can't see any difference in the database entry. So why
doesn't this work?

All record entries with (search=0) work fine in both MythWeb and MythTV.
It's only the search=2 ones that are broken.

I've tried to understand the code, but can't see why two identical entries
(apart from recordid) in the table don't do the same thing. I thought I
could easily fix it myself but if the database entry is correct, why doesn't
MythTV recognise it?


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