[mythtv] DVD-T UK xmltv ids

Charlie Brej mythtv at brej.org
Sun Jun 5 10:41:59 UTC 2005

Ed W wrote:
> So the table ends up looking something like this (give or take I can't 
> remember the exact syntax)
> || ID || XMLTV_ID || Chan_Name || Icon
> || 4212 || bbc1.radiotimes.co.uk || BBC One || 
> http://www.radiotimes.com/icons/bbc1.jpg
> || 3223 || ... etc ... ||

Can someone explain to me why we need the stream IDs in the list? When the
tuning is done the channel names are picked up automatically anyway and the
whole thing can be driven off those.
Just a simple question of which region you are in in order to set BBC1/BBC2/ITV1.

Basically the app just applies these and but changes the top three lines.

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