[mythtv] DVD-T UK xmltv ids

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Sat Jun 4 23:32:00 UTC 2005

>An xml based file would seem the most logical choice. Granted xml itself might 
>not be so easy for a newbie to edit but someone (maybe me) can easily create 
>a Perl or PHP frontend to make it easier. In fact a Perl/PHP app could also 
>be used to manage access and log changes.

Sounds like something hard to maintain is my first thought... If Jo 
Blogs in scunthorpe can't add in his own IDs then I don't think it's 
going to get updated...  Also checking it from time to time against your 
own system is hard to feed that validation back.

>Although I have faith in the Wiki system we have to be careful about 
>defacement - no-one will be happy when their channel icons are suddenly 
>replaced with pornographic images *eek* This either means all changes have to 
>be approved first or that access is limited.

Seems like a non-issue.  Make it send an email when the page changes.  
Check the page before you scan.  If enough eyes are watching then it 
should be ok.  Everything is versioned...

>If channel icons are controlled by the system then issues of copyright have to 
>be resolved too. Will the icons be stored on the server or will it simply 
>point to other sites (Lyngsat?).
>Someone will also have to create the client side handling - either built into 
>Myth (preferred) or a third party app?

The media wiki syntax for a table is just a bunch of pipe characters.  
Also you can stick in a URL to an image and it displays it.

So the table ends up looking something like this (give or take I can't 
remember the exact syntax)

|| ID || XMLTV_ID || Chan_Name || Icon
|| 4212 || bbc1.radiotimes.co.uk || BBC One || 
|| 3223 || ... etc ... ||

This should display as a really neat HTML page with the icons neatly 
next to the text so that you can see exactly what each channel icon 
looks like.  It's easy to edit, sort, search and update.  You can make 
multiple tables for different regions, or use multiple pages.

The wiki page can be locked down if required, but I think it's best to 
leave it editable and just watch it.  Vandalism should be reverted 
quickly then

It's also easy to parse.  Read the URL with "?action=raw" on the end and 
it spits out the raw wiki markup.  Just split everything up by "||" 
chars and the fields drop out.

I would anticipate that one would only use this table for initial setup 
and whenever you rescan.  Once there is data in the xmltv field or icon 
field then it's not overwritten... The purpose of this would be so that 
people can customise their setup, but that this simply acts as default 
for new users

How does all this sound?

Open to offers on better ways to store the data, but lets keep it really 
easy to edit huh?  I certainly don't want anyone emailing me when the 
Channel 4 ids change in Kent...

I think we are making progress here?

Ed W

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