[mythtv] generic aviseek support and dvd vib files

Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Sat Jun 4 06:28:05 UTC 2005

I have done some investigation on dvd vob files and found they dont play exactly as Id like.
upon further investigation, I found that the vob file in question had 4 mpeg ps streams embedded.
each of these sub-streams started their timestamps again!
I suspect this wont work correctly until the native dvd nav stuff is in there.
there also seems to be a 0xbf navigation stream (tsscan told me this) in the file which is currently not parsed. I assume the dvdnav stuff will handle this as libavformat doesnt.
otherwise Ive found the latest patch quite stable.
If you do want to play these, use 
mythcommflag --video file.vob
and this will restore some seeking capability but even this is not great.
naturally it will still play without but you get some timestamp discontinuities between the substreams. these may require audiosync adjustments.
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