[mythtv] ALSA Sound Driver Question

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Fri Jun 3 22:42:49 UTC 2005


I still don't quite understand the first problem...  Will investigate a 
little though

>But the main problem here is that I use the microphone on my webcam,
>so its on a different soundcard to my speaker.  So getting 100% sync is
>going to be a challenge.

Yeah, give up on that one I think... Or at least make sure your echo 
canceller has a really good training algorithm... I think the drift will 
be far too rapid to get good echo cancellation to be honest...  I 
suspect that clock drift will have a very bad effect on the echo 
cancellation algorithm (think of all the filter taps moving left a 
couple of taps every few seconds... nightmare...)


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