[mythtv] Request: please fix channel up/down and watch live TV defaults forDVB:HD tuners

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 3 17:37:36 UTC 2005

Quoting Daniel Kristjansson <danielk at cat.nyu.edu>:
> I made a patch to support it a while back. It has suffered from a bit of
> bitrot since then, and Issac wanted it simplified a bit, but it's
> certainly doable with the v4l2 drivers. And from what I hear, doable
> with the DVB drivers as well.

> I know you don't like analog video, but it's still a large part of what
> people can get from cable and from their camcorders/video cameras today.

Why would anyone want to use a card like the hd2k for analog when you can get a
pvr250 and go straight to mpeg2 with no cpu load?  I never have understood
this.. I do loathe analog tv, but I do see a need for it remaining, but I don't
see why one would not just use a real hardware encoding card for analog tv over
a card like the hd2k/3k

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