[mythtv] Request: please fix channel up/down and watch live TV defaults forDVB:HD tuners

Mudit Wahal mwahal at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 23:51:56 UTC 2005


Excuse me, can you please show me where have I been rude ?

I've been straight forward with my problem, with detail logs etc. I
didn't disrespect anyone. I even acknowlegded when I made mistakes or
misunderstood the directions. I'm trying to get some answers, not
everyone is well verse with the mythcode like you do. The DVB+HD code
is all new, and not everyone is using it. I did ask it several times
on myth-users, but didnt get any reply. So, I decided to ask on the
dev-list. And I did got all the answers eventually from Isaac.

If dev-eng started to get easily offended when people ask questions,
then I'm sorry but they are probably living in a different world. I do
coding for a living. But if I start to get offended when anyone keep
on asking questions (pestering ?), I dont think I'll be gainfully
employed for too long :-)

Myth is an open-source product, but never the less, its a PRODUCT.
People are going to use it and asks lots of questions, some of which
only developers will be able to answer. I really admire the developers
who design, develop and maintain the products on their own time !

I really dont know what is your beef with me. If you want, we can take
it offline from the list. Feel free to email me.

In the end, thanks Isaac for clearing up the DVB+HD stuff for me and
salutations for a wonderful product !


On 6/2/05, Hamish Moffatt <hamish at cloud.net.au> wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 04:15:07PM -0700, Mudit Wahal wrote:
> > Hmm.. how was I supposed to know you have to restart the backend after
> > I changed settings in frontend ?
> > (as you know, i'm still waiting to be enrolled in mythingarten .. so i
> > can speak and dream mythlish :-) then it would have occurred to me
> > that i need to restart the backend !
> > Once I enroll in mythingarten, I promise I'll read the code right from
> > version 0.1.0 :-) Then you wont have to treat us like newbees :-)
> If you weren't so damn rude, other people might help you.
> > So, myth has to consider x_y channel numbers and do the comparison
> > based on x and  then on y separately. The channel numbers being
> > broadcasted by stations are also in x_y format. So, the OTA HD users
> > are used to x_y. It'll be nice if myth adjust itself to the real
> > channel numbers for HD instead of forcing users to alternative format.
> Send in your patch.
> Hamish
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