[mythtv] Updating scheduled recordings from script

James Smith james at floppy.org.uk
Thu Jun 2 20:47:19 UTC 2005


I'm currently writing a script to rename program titles in the MythTV
database. The main reason for this is that here in the UK, some programs
get a prefix stuck on the front of them. The worst offenders for this
are T4 (a weekend morning thing on Channel 4), who rename all the shows
that are shown during the morning to, for example, "T4:Futurama". Now it
annoys me that I have to have 2 rules to record Futurama, as well as
getting duplicates and having episodes stored in two locations in the
program list.

So, I'm writing a script to rename fields. I've got the SQL worked out,
and it's all working fine, but I need a way to make mythbackend update
its scheduled recordings from the script. This is because once the
titles are renamed, they aren't picked up for recording until you
manually update the appropriate recording rule - even if you just open
it in the frontend and hit save. This makes it impossible to do on a
nightly cron job after mythfilldatabase, as the recording schedules
won't be updated correctly.

Anyone got any ideas how I can trick the backend into updating its
scheduled recordings? Alternatively, does anyone know a better way to
rename programs, perhaps within xmltv or mythfilldatabase?

James Smith <james at floppy.org.uk>

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