[mythtv] QAM tuning problem with HD-3000 & kernel DVB drivers

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 2 15:12:34 UTC 2005

Quoting Bruce Pennypacker <bruce at pennypacker.org>:
> I'm at exactly the same point you're at.  I've managed to manually pull
> together a good number of the QAM PID's for Comcast channels in Boston
> (I live just north of the city) and can manually capture the streams.
> It looks like myth relies on a transport ID instead of the individual
> PID's and I've also managed to collect that using dvbscan - at least I
> think I have.  Since the PSIP data isn't included dvbscan's output is
> pretty generic, and there's no documentation other than the source
> code...  All attempts I've made to manually insert this information into
> the channel & dtv_multiplex tables has failed.  myth just keeps
> informing me that the channels are off the air.

Are you sure the channels are not encrypted?  Are you building a new
dtv_multiplex for the frequency and then added a channels entry with the
serviceid that points to that new dtv_multiplex entry?

> If you want a copy of the channels.conf I've managed to hack together
> let me know.  It's pretty ugly (don't have all the channel/station names
> set up properly) but it works.

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