[mythtv] Stuttering audio in transcoded recordings

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Thu Jun 2 13:08:00 UTC 2005

Ever since 5/18 CVS (was running 4/26 before that), all of my newly 
transcoded (to MPEG-4) shows have stuttering audio, and the frontend 
spits out "WriteAudio: buffer underrun" messages all over the place.  I 
have no problems playing non-transcoded (MPEG-2, recorded with an 
M-179) content, or LiveTV.  Also older transcoded shows play fine, 
which leads me to believe the problem is in the encoding of the 
MPEG-4 .nuv, not the playback.

Note that I'm currently running CVS from 5/31 with the aviseek patch 
(#7) applied.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?  I know that there was an ffmpeg 
re-sync recently, and also some changes in the auto-transcode settings 
(though I think I've addressed the auto-transcode issues).

I'm going to try turning of libmpeg2 decoding as suggested in another 
thread, and I will also try rebuilding without the aviseek patch; 
anyone else have any thoughts?


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