[mythtv] Changes of Aspect Ratio when OSD is displayed

Neale Swinnerton mythtv-dev.spam at isismanor.com
Wed Jun 1 00:09:22 UTC 2005


I've got some problems with certain programs with changing Aspect
ratios. It seems to be something to do with the OSD being 'up' when the
aspect ratio changes. e.g. If I'm skipping through commercials using a
'skip 30' (from lirc), If I step over an aspect ratio change, the play
back is erratic to say the least. If I'm in edit mode, the OSD seems to
be offset to the right after the aspect change, and sometimes I get a
SEGV (see earlier posts with backtraces for this problem).

I've been poking around in the code, without much success. Perhaps a
call to NuppelVideoPlayer::ReinitOSD() is required after an aspect ratio
change, but I don't know enough about the code to really understand the
implications of this.

Anyone care to give me some pointers on  this?



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