[mythtv] embedding playbackbox and scheduled recording box in Watch TV mode

stanley kamithi skamithi at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 10:27:35 EDT 2005


Similiar to what was is done with the program guide,  I have a working
setup where I have embedded the playback box stuff and the scheduling
recordings window.  Is this a feature anyone else is interested in ? I
can share the diffs if someone would like to try the changes.

Basically what i have done is that I am able to view the playback mode
window without stopping the TV show and also do the same for the
scheduled shows window.  The embedded playback mode behaves exactly
like the unembedded mode, so you can start watching a prerecorded or
recording show right away if you select a show.  Also if you hit the
stop button while watching a prerecorded show, it will take you back
to live TV or the current show taping on the tuner if no free tuner is
available.  I can change to a Live channel by changing the channel or
using the program guide while watching a pre-recorded show.

If you hit, Watch TV, you have 2 options depending on a global
setting. You can say watch TV is only for watching "Live TV" or Watch
TV will attempt to watch Live TV, and if not, it will start playing
the current recording show on the last tuner in your system. I have 2
tuners in mine.

My wife wanted this type of setup because she wants it behave more
like the Time warner DVR that runs parallel to mythtv.

Also I have a feature where if I exit TV mode while watching a
prerecorded or recorded show, and say read the news. Now I want to go
back to watching my show that is recording or prerecorded, then it
will start where i left off. Found it handy cause I like to check the
weather alot but for now can't figure out a way to embed it.  The
setting, is just a global variable so is lost when mythfrontend dies,
but that never happens for me, unless i hit a bug I wrote :)

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