[mythtv] Language setting in mythweb

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se
Wed Jul 27 17:51:41 EDT 2005

Torbjörn Jansson <mailto:torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se> wrote:
> mythtv-dev-bounces at mythtv.org <> wrote:
>>> For some reason the language setting in mythweb doesn't seem to
>>> stick. Everytime i click on the configure mythweb link the language
>>> is reset to english and Australian is displayed in the language
>>> combo box. 
>>> The other settings like date seems to be saved fine, i changed the
>>> hour format to %H:%M and that's still the same.
>>> (i manualy deleted the entries in the mythweb_sessions table just to
>>> make sure it realy was saved)
>> just because there's a session doesn't mean that your browser is
>> respecting the cookie. 
>> -Chris
> Maybe so, but shouldn't the variable 'language' be saved in
> the session at the begining of settings_mythweb.php right with the
> other settings? 
> If i examine the session data in the database i can't see
> anything in there that have to do with language.
> Did i miss or overlooked something? Or maybe i'm just blind and it's
> saved somewere else. 

And if there was problems with the sessions sticking, why is everything
except the language be saved properly?

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