[mythtv] MythMusic...

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Tue Jul 12 20:18:41 EDT 2005

>>>> I have mfd running - but no mfe to test it with ;)
>>> You can test it with iTunes...
>> The Windows or Mac only software ....

I just got cvs mfd up and running. It discovered my two iTunes  
computers and the linux daap server I have. When I went to browse it  
from iTunes v4.9 I get this in the mfd:

12/Jul/2005-20:14:39: WARNING: daap client plugin given up on "The  
Music Man" (
12/Jul/2005-20:14:39: WARNING: daap client plugin seems to be a new  
version of iTunes I don't know about: 9
12/Jul/2005-20:14:54: WARNING: daap server plugin daapserver does not  
yet have specific code for this version of iTunes: 4.9

and iTunes says the shared music library is not compatible with this  
version of iTunes. I am running the latest iTunes on a Mac.

Is it something simple like changing a version check in the mfd code  
or something more complex?


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