[mythtv] DB helper functions

Fernando Vilas fvilas at iname.com
Sun Jul 10 21:00:08 EDT 2005


   Here's a patch that implements the first of the helper functions in dbcheck.cpp.  These are not a complete set to have MythTV run in PostgreSQL, but it's a start at getting the backend to be more flexible in the databases supported.

   I still need to get to the keys, unique constraints, timestamps, and a couple of "alter table" commands.  Those should be in the next patch, when I've had a couple of weekends to research/code the changes.

   Note: the reason to use the QString::left instead of just an operator=, is that in QT4, the pgsql backend changed names from QPGSQL7 to QPGSQL, and it should work for 3.3.x and 4.0.  I will also look into coding these as constants for ease of maintenance in the next patch.  Any other suggestions?

Fernando Vilas
fvilas at iname.com
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