[mythtv] theme question - spacing between menu items

Jason Gabriele jason.gabriele at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 23:41:13 EDT 2005

Spacing between items is automatic. To my knowledge there is no simple way
to adjust spacing. But you can just make your buttons have extra space on
the top and bottom which is transparent (alpha channel) and then turn off
button spread (<buttonspread>no</buttonspread>). Hope this helps

> hey all
> sorry about the repost - I posted this on the -users list 
> last night but no answer so figured no one knew - what better 
> place to ask than the -dev list!
> general question about themes in my quest for the perfect 
> theme (for me at least!)
> how do I go about changing the spacing between menu items? I 
> have them placed where I want them to match my background.. 
> I've tried various combos but nothing yet..
> I would have thought it would be under:
>     <genericbutton>
>        ...
>        <area>40,8,3,0</area>
>     </genericbutton>
> but I've tried that and nuffin
> Thanks for any suggestions..
> Craig

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