[mythtv] ATSC PSIP Mandate has Arrived

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 31 22:59:19 EST 2005

Quoting Todd Freeman <freeman at andrews.edu>:

What are you using to look at the psip?  The PCHDTV app?

> Local PBS WNIT-34 (35):
> 	Vacilates between:
> 		WNIT Regular Schedule
> 		PBS HD Feed
> 	and that is it...

I find that one surprising..

> Local FOX WSJV-28 (58):
> 	Can't get any PSIP data.... tons of packet errors in their format... unsure
> why...

Does it just look like a mess?  If you see no readable text it could be Huffman
compressed.. The PBS station here uses Huffman text compression which the dvb
code additions support..

Not bad though.. I suspect you have all but one station in compliance.. How does
that compare to last time you checked?


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