[mythtv] [PATCH] Jump to channel number in Program Guide

Rob Rosenfeld mythtv.org at rosenfeld.to
Mon Jan 31 19:52:53 EST 2005

Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Saturday 29 January 2005 09:36 pm, Jason Parekh wrote:
>>This patches to the current CVS to allow direct channel jumping in the
>>program guide by entering a channel number.  This is a much needed
>>feature, and I have submitted this patch to the list once before but it
>>just fell-through the holes I suppose (if there is something wrong with it
>>that is keeping it from being committed, please let me know).
>Does it work/look ok overriding the date with the default themes in CVS?  I 
>wouldn't think it'd be very visible on screen..

It is so nice to be using this patch.  It has solved my single largest 
WAF detractor.

In response to Isaac's question, it took me a few times to even notice 
that the date changed as I typed, but now that I know where to look, 
it's not bad.  It could be better. Also, I find it non-intuitive that as 
I type in 25, it will hop to 2 while I'm entering the 5.  There's no 
indicator that it's still accepting input after it has hopped to 2.

That said, let me re-iterate . . . it is SOOOOOO nice to be able to use 
the number keys to jump in the EPG.  I'm happy to use it in its current 

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