[mythtv] Moving V4L out of NuppelVideoRecorder?

Colin Cross colin at colincross.com
Sun Jan 30 23:41:05 EST 2005

I'd like to make some changes to NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp and I figured 
I'd get some feedback before I start.  Currently NuppelVideoRecorder is 
a 3675 line monstrosity that deals with everything from setting up the 
capture card to calling the V4L ioctl to capture each frame to writing 
the final compressed data to the nuv file.

My problem started when I tried testing out a dummy v4l2 video source 
module I wrote, and I found that mythtv was using V4L2 ioctls to set up 
the capture and then V4L ioctls to do the capture.  Since I only 
implemented V4L2, it failed.  So I figured I'd add proper V4L2 capture 
support, since the hard work to set up the card had already been 
implemented.  Then I realized that there was no way to add the support 
without adding an if (using-v4l2) to every line.  There was already some 
discussion about adding support for recording on a Mac, which would be 
even more of a mess.

I want to create a VideoSource class, and then move all of the V4L 
specific code to a V4LVideoSource subclass.  That would allow someone 
else to implement the Mac recording as another sublcass of VideoSource.  
One question I have is how to implement V4L2.  Should it be part of the 
V4L class, since it will be substantially the same except for using 
slightly different ioctls, or should it be a separate class, since it 
would clutter up the V4L class with "if (using-v4l2)"?

Will this patch be accepted?  Am I duplicating anyone's work?  Can 
anyone think of a better name than VideoSource, since that name is 
already taken for channel lineups?

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