[mythtv] [PATCH] Jump to channel number in Program Guide

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sun Jan 30 12:23:47 EST 2005

Moasat wrote:

>>Is the current functionality insufficient for your needs?
>I, for one, think that the current set up is insufficient for my needs.
>Even with page up/down, it takes over a minute to scroll through all of my
>channels.  (I have a pretty full DirectTV line up).  I've been using a
>Replay for several years and have gotten used to being able to jump to any
>channel in the guide.  I also have a remote that has separate
>up/down/left/right keys so I wouldn't need to use 1/3/7/9.  I would think
>that as long as there are definable key mappings, and an option to
>enable/disable the channel jumping, everyone could be happy.
The 1,3,7,9 keys are mapped and can be changed in MythWeb and in the DB 
directly.  I didn't even know they were mapped until I was working on 
another part of the system and found they actually did something.  I 
have Up/Down/Left/Right buttons on my remote and found them extraneous 
as well.


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