[mythtv] mythvideo: starting more than the default script from the listmenu

Richard de Vos rvos at cazadelzorro.demon.nl
Sun Jan 30 10:08:43 EST 2005


I am thinking of making a option in de list mode of mythvideo to use the INFO button to
start a script other then the default script for a file.

Thinking of a script that move the movie to other directory (so i can delete it later,
(don't like scripts to much that delete things) or a script that starts en mencoder
convert to a PDA format.

At this moment i use irexec with some infrared commands to start this kind of scripts
but that seems like a bit of a kludge so i would like to make it nice.

I am thinking of a possibility of adding 3 extra commands to the INFO popup menu
which you can configure in the setup.

The first part doesn't seem to difficult, it's the setup part that seems a bit more

I have upgraded my mythtv setup to cvs from 0.16 last night so that i am ready to do some

C++ only isn't my cup-of-cake but i have programmed a lot in C.

So my question is if it is finished would there be a change that it could be included in
the CVS?



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