[mythtv] [patch] New theme tags

Harry Orenstein holists at v92net.com
Sat Jan 29 23:23:26 EST 2005

On Saturday 29 January 2005 7:17 pm, Anduin Withers wrote:
> Yes, if I didn't have Trebuchet the replacement would be a tiny bit off,
> however I do have it.
> The characters in Trebuchet are pretty easy to recognize in the following
> screen shots.
> The clipping in the main menu is hard to spot (though there, and that arrow
> is the default one (not the one I put in my theme cache to make it line up
> and be somewhat closer to the text)):
> http://www.anduin.com/awithers/mythtv/mainmenu.png
> Just a little off here:
> http://www.anduin.com/awithers/mythtv/videobrowser.png
> And, what is this? Some hooligans have been playing around:
> http://www.anduin.com/awithers/mythtv/videomanager.png

Well, that's alot different than what I'm seeing.  The placement and order of 
the fields on the screen are totally different than what I see.  I assume you 
are running CVS.  I am running 0.16.  Sorry I can't offer anything more 

-- Harry O.

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