[mythtv] Semi-OT: Which HDTV card to buy for Myth?

Nate Carlson natecars at natecarlson.com
Sat Jan 29 22:55:55 EST 2005

[Sorry to post this on the dev list, but afaik the air2pc card is only 
supported in CVS, so wanted to make sure I get accurate answers - feel 
free to tell me to shaddup and go to users.]

Hey all,

I've been following the AC3 audio threads with a lot of interest, and 
things look like they may actually getting to the "totally working" point 
for it.  :)  I'm looking at going to HDTV, and am wondering which of the 
two cards (pcHDTV vs. Air2PC) is the "better card" to use with Myth.

A few questions:

1) As I understand it, with the air2pc card, it may be possible in the 
future to record more than one subchannel (of a single channel) 
simultaneously. Is this also the case with the pcHDTV cards?

2) Which card has a better chance of being able to capture unencrypted 
hdtv over cable streams (QAM?) in the future?

3) Anything else to keep in mind between the two cards?

Thanks! :)

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