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Cedar McKay cedar at aliandcedar.com
Fri Jan 28 20:43:28 EST 2005

I have been following myth lists since 0.7. I don't post much, because 
I don't have much to offer these days, but I still keep up.  I want to 
commend Isaac for the maturity he is showing as the leader of this 
project. A couple of years ago I remember thinking that he was snappish 
and sometimes immature and defensive. Over the last year I have noticed 
him cooling down and coming into his own as a manager of an 
increasingly large and complicated project. He lets hot-headed comments 
roll off of him yet still considers the point the person is making. But 
he still makes executive decisions with force (not always popular). It 
brings to mind my feeling about why linux is successful. I don't 
believe that it was because Linus wrote something  so compelling that a 
community flocked to linux. Rather I  believe that it was because he 
wrote something that was pretty good, but he is a really good manager 
and communicator with awesome patience.


On Jan 27, 2005, at 5:58 PM, Isaac Richards wrote:

> On Thursday 27 January 2005 08:28 pm, Doug Goldstein wrote:
>> Firstly, I don't support, nor like the CVS ebuild. This is why I'm
>> releasing snapshot ebuilds into Portage.
>> Secondly, Isaac don't call the ebuild broken for calling make on the
>> sub directories when YOUR own online documentation provides those
>> instructions. The reason for this is your continued insistance on
>> using qmake (which is a broken system). Now if you stopped trying to
>> insult Gentoo for 5 minutes, you'd see that YOUR own documentation
>> says you need to do this if you increase the number of jobs that make
>> can do. Using a proper build system it would ensure that the depends
>> are built at the right times and functions in parallel.
> *MY* documentation is for the released version, which doesn't have a 
> changing
> directory structure.  The docs will be updated as appropriate once the 
> 0.17
> release is out.
> If multiple people write in to the mailing lists with problems that 
> are caused
> by the ebuild in question, and wouldn't have happened if they were 
> using a
> straight CVS checkout, what exactly am I supposed to think?  That the
> ebuild's working perfectly?
>> Thirdly, if you want any support on anything the first thing you hear
>> in the official channel by Isaac or ANY of the other developers is
>> "Run the latest CVS and then report back." And since Gentoo actually
>> has a GOOD package management system that users want to use rather
>> then installing software without it being managed by a package
>> manager.
> Complete your thought please?
>> Lastly, I have begun work on converting MythTV over to autotools.
>> Except to see this on the mailing list in the future, however Isaac
>> has already taken the time to insult me and make it abundantly clear
>> it won't be accepted. But hey, it's my choice to persue it... gotta
>> love open source.
> When did I insult you?
> I did make it clear that autotools won't be accepted because:
> - They add quite a bit to the size of the tarball, and it's big enough
> already.
> - Debian has *5* different versions of automake in unstable at the 
> moment to
> handle building packages of various ages, all incompatible.  I really 
> dislike
> using build software where every minor version bump requires 
> rewriting, and
> requires every developer to be synced to the exact same version.
> - It will add to the already long compile time.  qmake's pretty quick.
> - libtool's just nasty.
> The *only* reason you gave me to use autotools was that qmake was 
> using badly
> ordered library paths, which I fixed last night after you said that it
> couldn't be done.  You were strangely silent on any other reason to 
> use it.
> It didn't seem like you wanted to discuss it at all, in fact.
> I'd happily accept patches that moved a bunch of the config options 
> from
> settings.pro into the existing (sh-based) configure script, though.
> Isaac
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