[mythtv] mythtv nuv-fileformat

Antti Siiskonen antti.siiskonen at tut.fi
Fri Jan 28 05:24:08 EST 2005


I'm using mythtv-0.16 with dvb-c setup and I'm trying to do mpeg2
cutting of mythtv recordings without transcoding. It seems that
nuvexport offers mpeg2->mpeg2 cut only feature that uses mythtv
cutlists, it's just that it doesn't work for me. My avidemux-2.0.36 does
not identify mythtv file format and nuvexport fails. The problem is
exactly as described here:


Also it seems that gopchop (1.0.0 or 1.1.3) does not like mythtv nuv
files either. If I remux the recordings with replex/whatever are the
mythtv cutlists still valid for the remuxed stream? Is there a way to
use mythtv cutlists with any mpeg2 cutting program or can mythtv be
configured to do the cutting by itself? If not the edit
recording feature is currently quite useless to me.

If this is a faq, please give me a pointer to appropriate documentation.

All in all mythtv is great and I'm really waiting for the next official 
release with the new dvb and epg stuff. I hope that the dvb-subtitle 
patch will make it's way to cvs soon if it's not there already.


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