[mythtv] Myth version 0.18???

John J. Reardon badger at echoengineering.com
Thu Jan 27 14:17:51 EST 2005

I sent a question like this a few days ago and I never saw it on the
list.  I was wondering if it somehow get lost...anyway, a resend...

As I get up to speed on the myth stuff, I am reading all I can about
it.  I recently saw this article where someone is trying to put it on
a commercial box.  cool.  In it, it mentions version 0.18.  I was
wondering if this was a typo?  or is it an official branch for doing
transmeta development?  if the latter - are there more details about
this branch?  who is doing it?  if/when it might be folded back in?

Here is the link:

Here is the relevant text:
"The joint ESG/Transmeta design is based in part on MythTV 0.18, an
open source DVR software stack used by many embedded Linux hobbyists
as the foundation of devices that can record, timeshift, and play back
streaming media such as live television. Transmeta competitor Via has
also used MythTV to demonstrate the capabilities of its products,
including mini-ITX boards popular with embedded hobbyists."


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