[mythtv] less CPU-intensive MPEG-2 decoding in CVS

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Thu Jan 27 13:32:55 EST 2005

Jeremiah Morris wrote:
> Just a quick announcement about a recently added feature:
> The latest CVS now includes a version of libmpeg2
> (http://libmpeg2.sourceforge.net) as an alternative to the FFMpeg-based
> video decoding. FFMpeg still handles the demuxing, but the video can be
> handed to libmpeg2 instead. This takes significantly less CPU on my test
> machines, so it's good for lower-end systems; my 450MHz Cube can finally
> handle SDTV.

On my P4 3Ghz, libmpeg2 and libavcodec seem to take about the same
amount of CPU time, with libavcodec a tiny bit *faster*.  Both are
compiled with -march=pentium4 .  I tested a 1080i clip and a 480i clip
(both from ATSC sources).  XvMC is definitely disabled, and mythfrontend
prints out the message that it's using libmpeg2.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this expected?
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