[mythtv] [PATCH] Stop mythfilldatabase from overwriting channel names

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 25 21:58:31 EST 2005

Quoting Doug Larrick <doug at ties.org>:
> Note that the way you've coded this will only take effect for
> DataDirect.  Which is fine, but the help text should probably say so.

I think it SHOULD be for all XMLTV sources not just DD..

> There was some brief discussion about having mythfilldatabase not touch
> existing channel names, channum, or freqid at all for existing channels.
>   The advantage of this would be if Zap2it has incorrect or cosmetically
> unappealing info, user's hand edits would be preserved.  The
> disadvantage is that Myth won't automatically track channel
> reassignments (the user would have to delete the channel to get it

This is what is necessary to keep the DVB Database working and use an xmltv

> recreated).  This change would also be more compatible with allowing
> HDTV/DVB in-stream guide data to be the master source of channel
> information.

I was thinking if the sourceID was using the DVB Database Structure the data
importation would do a fuzzy match on the name if no xmltvid was discovered..
This of course is only for cards using the scaning code just recently checked
in..  I had planned on doing this at some point, but its just so far down the
list I have yet to really think about it.. If anyone wants to work on it please
feel free..

> This change would be easy enough to put together (quite similar to the
> patch from the quoted message); does anyone have any further thoughts on
> this?

Yes :)

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