[mythtv] DVB Changes / Patch Applied

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 23 23:30:26 EST 2005

I'd like to start by thanking John Pullan, Jesper Sörensen, Marcus Metzler and
Julian Scheel for all the help along the way with this code.  I'd also like to
thank the testers who dared to apply this code and play with it.

Also thanks to Isaac for applying the patch even if it took him 4 hours..

The EIT parsing has been tested and works in the UK and North America with
success, but still may have some issues in other countries.  If anyone has
issues with this please let me know, and send me some dvbsnoop dumps of your
EIT plus complete backend dumps.

In addition to fixing bugs found in the new code, we still have plenty of work
planned.  The main focus next is not 100% clear, but it shall include the

- Fixing the BE/FE protocol to allow radio services, and also eliminate the "15
second timeout".
- Improved EPG parsing that will only be fired of when necessary (currently it
re-collects data when you change channels).
- Add support for cascaded DiSEqC devices (switch + motor) for example.
- DiSEqC setup wizard screen to setup your motor from within setup.
- Merge in any common code between hdtvrecorder and dvbrecorder, and if
necessary help that side move twoard utilizing the scaning and table parsing
routines included in this patch.
- Fixing AC3 support in Australia if there is anything left to do for them.  I
was not 100% clear what needed to be done to get their audio working if it
wasn't already. (Sorry guys).

Major differences between 3.5 and what went into CVS are EPG support, and
support for LCN (Logical Channel Numbers) used in the UK.  I believe these are
also used in Australia but need enabling by adding entries in the
dtv_privatetypes table added with the patch.  If its not evident what needs to
be added please post but the format is quite simple.

If anyone has any issues please let any of us know, or just post a patch to the
-dev list.


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