[mythtv] Status of DVB-C support?

Fredrik Karlsson fredrik at fredrikkarlsson.se
Sun Jan 23 14:23:30 EST 2005

Hello all!

I am wondering about the status of DVB-C support for Myth, with or without
special "branches"?
>From what I understand, the myth-dvb side project is (currently?) joining
with the main branch.
How far gone is this?
Any idea roughly when one could hope for DVB-C support "out of the box" for

I am curious about the Nexus-CA HW, has anyone successfully used this?
For those not familiar with this model, it is a dual card with both DVB-C
and analogue part.
I vaguely recall something about problems using the dual capabilities of the
And that one should instead get both a cheap analogue and a cheap DVB-C card
and those instead.
Any comments on this?

To round off with a more direct question - has anyone successfully used Myth
with ComHem?
If so I'd love to hear more about what HW and SW details were used!

Thanks in advance,


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