[mythtv] MythGame fceu-sdl slow through TV-Out...

Josh Dalcher mythtv2 at dalcher.com
Fri Jan 21 19:27:26 EST 2005

I'm having some trouble with fceultra and MythGame.  I have installed fceultra from apt and configured it as I found on MythTV.info with the command line options:

/usr/bin/fceu-sdl -opengl 0 -fs 1

I am testing it with good roms (I have tested on a few other systems) and for some reason my fceultra is running at a very slow pace.  Both the music and the gameplay are performing at about half-speed.  I am running FC2 with the 0.16.1 version of MythGame and an AMD Athlon 2400+ chip, so my machine should be fast enough to handle this.  I am running this through my PVR-350 TV-out which is not giving me any trouble with other aspects of MythTV.

I have tried other command line options like -vmode 4 and with or without the -opengl flag, it appears to have no effect on this problem.  I hope that someone else has had this same problem and has an easy fix for it.

Thank you all for the help!
Josh Dalcher
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