[mythtv] addin' functions to Mythmusic.

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Jan 19 03:57:37 EST 2005

Pedro Sigwald wrote:
> i'm trying to find a way to manage the music from the
> front end by addin an "Erase Music" button. the idea
> is to get rid of the mp3 and ogg in a "physically"
> way.
> i'm debuggin the aplication to find out a way to erase
> the music and update de db all-in-one-user-transparent
> way but i'm havin some problems: it seems that music
> is erased from the hdd but i have to run music manager
> to see it in the tree. any sugestions?

How about executing an SQL command something along the lines of
"DELETE FROM musicmetadata WHERE intid=123;" when you delete your track?

Or a better method would be to add a method which erases the loaded 
metadata. I can't remember off hand where it is (may be part of the 
Metadata:: class) but there is a method called isInDatabase() (or 
soemthing like that). Perhaps a companion method called 
removeFromDatabase() would be a good idea? You can slap the SQL to 
remove from the database in there perhaps?

Also, can you make your method failsafe, such that if it cannot remove 
from disk, it does NOT remove from DB. I often have Myth boxes using 
readonly network filesystems, and it would be nice to not mess up the DB 
if the actual delete can't happen.




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