[mythtv] StreamRipper/MythRadio

Ian Jackson ianjackson at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 19 03:29:37 EST 2005

Hi, I'd like to jump in here for a moment. I don't own a terrestrial 
Radio. I've just recently started to use Myth stream. While I'm a big 
fan of the plug in, since the moment I've started to use it, I've been 
wondering about modifying to including some sort of radio 
pvr/ripping/archiving functionality. I listen to two or 3 streams 
(KEXP,CBC Radio1/2/3 and WOXY), and maybe a handful of "college" 
stations. All of these stations have some sort of an schedules online. 
While a simple comand line scheduler would work, Does that defeat on of 
the inherent purposes of Myth? I've kind of jammed it out a much more 
complicated solution in my mind. I think that modeler XMLTV like script 
would do the job nicely. The back end could grab the raw html and parse 
it up for that specific streaming site, then present it to 
XMLSTREAMRADIO to format it into a nice XML file ready for the 
MythStream/Rip Interface. At the same time, it won't take allot of 
modification for the same script to grab the "Currently Playing", 
information to save a track listing. Thoughts? Ian On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 
at 01:03:37PM -0500, Taylor Jacob wrote:

>> Quoting Isaac Richards <ijr at case.edu>:
>> <snip>
>>> > Yup, I think so too..  Though, radio's really not all that interesting to me,
>>> > due to the lack of guide data.
>> Many of the radio services you can get on Satellite (and I presume digital cable
>> would be very similar) have a private data section table that contains all the

I also think Radio has far less need of guide data the way TV does.
The schedules are far more rigid and the shows you want to record far

Streaming radio is more interesting anyway, doesn't need any hardware.
Right now I have a tool which streams "This American Life" and "Prairie Home
Companion" for me in mpeg format, and drops them in a directory which
mythmusic can then pick up and offer.   It is just manual schedule, but
I don't find that nearly so much a problem as I would for TV.  The program
is trivial if anybody wants it (just a cron call to a stream capture program
with a shell wrapper to rename and idtag.)

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