[mythtv] AC3 + bigdvb3.5 + australia + transport.c

Angel Li angel at miami.edu
Fri Jan 14 10:34:18 EST 2005

Mark Anderson wrote:

>Attached is an even more cleaned up version of this patch. 
>1. I have removed the code to do audio track selection for PS recording, it 
>should still work for TS. I will re-add this code after all this has made 
>into into cvs.
>2. Cleaned up some test code and hacks in transport.c. It now functions 
>correctly and does not have the #if 0 stuff in it.
>3. Tim, the change you made to the incCurrentAudioTrack call broke my setup. 
>After looking at what you did I got an idea for a better fix which works for 
>me and I am pretty sure it will work for you too. Can you test and confirm. 
>4. This patch is a diff between cvs from a few hours ago, bigdvb3.5, and 
>Marcus' latest trans.dif patch. It was based on v5 of the oz-ac3 as supplied 
>by Tim. It should patch cleanly this time I hope.
>5. Fixed some hard tabs that I accidentally put in.
FYI, I tried your patch on my mythtv system, it's running with the 
Air2PC ATSC card, and I got no sound on any ATSC channel. I was getting 
sound with the stock DVB 3.5 patch.

I'm in the US.


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