[mythtv] Why must I "Y"?

Daniel Thor Kristjansson danielk at mrl.nyu.edu
Thu Jan 13 19:22:49 EST 2005

]You don't have to change inputs.  Myth can change channels across inputs.  I
]*thought* I had put in cross card changes as well but I could be mistaken.

I believe the problem here is that when you use the up and down keys it 
will only rotate within the channels on the current tuner/input, and 
there are two different keys for rotating between the different types of 
inputs. What users want is to cycle between different lineups (cable, 
satelite, OTA) and have MythTV pick the best available card for each.

Some users might even wish that when you reach the top or bottom of the 
current lineup you automagically switch to the next lineup, changing 
the tuner or input as needed.

-- Daniel

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