[mythtv] CVS not playing recorded or live mpeg2?

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Jan 13 11:33:09 EST 2005

Ed Wildgoose wrote:

> Just updated to latest CVS and can't play recorded mpeg2 shows or 
> watch live dvb tv anymore.  In the case of playback the log files show 
> it getting stuck shortly after setting up the resampler (but probably 
> elsewhere in the code if you see what I mean).

Cancel that.  Turned out to be a bug that I introduced by badly merging 
in the changes when the "SoundStretchLocked" function was introduced and 
I accidently had it deadlocked. 

I think this bug is probably in my last MythMusic audio patch - easily 
resolved, but I will try to make a new patch shortly anyway

Ed W

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