[mythtv] Multiple recording directories

Terry Barnaby terry1 at beam.ltd.uk
Thu Jan 13 06:15:23 EST 2005

Thomas Börkel wrote:
> HI!
> VDR lets you have multiple directories for recordings with ascending 
> number, like "/video0", "/video1", etc. In this case, you just configure 
> the name "/video".
> Maybe this is something for MythTV, too?
> A first step could be, that MythTV just looks into all directories for 
> playing (not being able to configure, which recording goes where), but 
> places new recordings in "/video". But then, at least one could shuffle 
> the recordings around onto other disks or servers.
> Or maybe the recording directory could be configured per recording group?
> I don't know, how much work that would be, just had the idea.
> Thomas
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I was thinking along these lines before Christmas when I wanted to temporarily
add an extra disk for Christmas films to my server.
I added a bit of code to Myth to allow me to do this, a bit of a hack.

This added the Global preference: "VideoDirs" beneath the
"RecordFilePrefix" option. This took a ":" separated list of dirs.
This only worked for playback and you had to manually copy files to
these dirs. Also the expire system did not work here.

Some issues:
1. Would one directory be the master where files videos are stored
	and the other ones extra ones or should all dirs be
	equally used wherever space is available ?
2. If the directories are considered "extra" dirs MythTv
	could move all videos that are not marked to expire to these
	directories in the background automatically.

It didn't look like to much work to add although there were quite a few places
whene "RecordFilePrefix" was used.


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