[mythtv] Live playback / Timestretch

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Tue Jan 11 23:26:23 EST 2005

> I was just wondering if anyone was working on or planning to work on a
> patch to use timestretch to keep live tv playback in sync. IE If 
> playing
> live tv and the current playback position is within 30 seconds of real
> time, use timestretch to keep it there.

	I have not actually used the timestretch yet,
but I would like the opposite - Play a bit slower
so that when the next ad break appears I can jump
thru it and never see and ads.

(Most Aussie networks transmit 2.5-3.5mins of adverts
  every 5-7minutes, so 33% slower should do the trick)

	Mind you, there are already so many playback
speed options that MythTV is maybe becoming a little
bit too complicated?

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