[mythtv] CVS fails to compile - using Gentoo ebuilds

Ivor Hewitt ivor at ivor.org
Tue Jan 11 04:27:44 EST 2005

Nick Rosier wrote:
> Got the same problem; I think settings.pro was changed. It includes this line:
> CONFIG += using_xvmc
> which I think is causing the problem; the e-build script doesn't
> comment it out if you're not using XvMC.
> I ran an ebuild mythtv-cvs-0.16.ebuild config and manually commented
> that line out.
> Just ebuild ... compile, merge... and it should work.

XvMC is not enabled in cvs settings.pro by default, either your local 
settings.pro file has been changed or the ebuild is wrong. So either you 
have changed the file or the person who maintains the ebuild has changed 
that file. Either way this is nothing to do with mythtv-dev! :-)


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