AC3 in Australia (Was Re: [mythtv] DVB 3.4 report)

Stephen Hocking shocking at
Mon Jan 10 08:45:49 EST 2005


I'm an Australian living over in the US, and we see the same things with AC3 
sound as you do - a lot of the programs are AC3 encoded, but with only two 
channels, setting off the ProLogic decoder. The AC3 standard allows for 1 to 
5.1 channels (plus whatever DD-EX attempts to do with rear channel(s)) so 
don't be too alarmed. I've only ever seen one genuine 5.1 program over here, 
and that was a HDTV PBS recording of of some of Strauss's operatic works.

I'm planning on returning to Oz this year, what Australian HDTV card do you 

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