[mythtv] Re: Can't find file: abstractosd

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sun Jan 9 21:11:35 EST 2005

light wrote:

> Thanks Tom for pointing me at the database - it's the only thing I 
> didn't grep for "abstractosd" (I should have known).
> Anyway... the mystery still exists:
>    1) how did "abstractosd" get in the database in the first place 
> (probably from an earlier test-run).
>    2) why didn't it change when I changed themes (several times in my 
> testing and poking about).
>    3) why doesn't the string Titivillus-OSD,   defaultosd,  or blueosd 
> appear in any themes/*.xml file?
> I would imagine that when you change a theme, the theme xml file (or 
> files get parsed) and the OSDTheme
> for the particular theme gets put into the settings table in the DB.
> Hence, I would assume I would find something like  
> <OSDTheme>Titivillus-OSD</OSDTheme>  in the
> Titivillus/theme.xml or Titivillus/ui.xml or the like.
> For example,  how does "blueosd" end up in the database when you 
> change the theme to the "blue" theme?
> I'm still quite a newbie here so I'm relying on those of you on the 
> myth-dev list with deep understanding of how all the
> glue works...to tell me if indeed, I've stumbled onto a bug or not.
> But...at least for now, I can use Titivillus theme and Titivillus-OSD 
> osd.xml ....so in a sense, I'm a happy camper.
> Thanks for the help.

There is a separate setting on the frontend appearance configuration for 
the OSD theme to use.  You don't have to use the OSD matching your theme 
(in fact, I don't.  I use isthmus OSD with Visor theme).  That's where 
the setting comes from.


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