[mythtv] BIG DVB PATCH V3.4 - Problem with encrypted channels

Anders Hanson anders.hanson at speedo.nu
Sat Jan 8 17:53:42 EST 2005

Jesper Sörensen wrote:

>> I only have one CI slot. I'm tried with DVB patch 3.5 rbut I get the 
>> same behavor. Here is the log from this run
>> I have added some debug logs that are tagged with ANDERS. It seems 
>> like the CA is thinks that I have 2 CI slot but I only have 1.
>> I'm using the dvb-kernel from. I will try to hardcode 1 in the loop 
>> at row 266 in dvbcam.cpp to see if that works.
> That's obviously a problem but I doubt that is what's making your CAM 
> fail. The "no right" from the CAM shouldn't be caused by this, but 
> it's an indication that either your DVB/CI driver or the dvbci.cpp 
> code is a bit buggy though.
> Did you try activating the protocol debugging in dvbci? Maybe you can 
> make some kind of workaround for it. You could try to detect the "no 
> right" menu message and trigger a new sending of the PMT? Or you could 
> try adding an extra delay before sending the PMT in case the CAM 
> and/or CI needs a little extra "wake up" time.
I've tried to find the place in the code to do this but without luck.
Can you please guide me to the correct place or maybe provide me with a 
patch for it?

/Anders H

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