[mythtv] Re: MythMusic Improvements

Peter Martens petermartens at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 09:20:43 EST 2005

> > Just wondered if anyone was working on improvements
> > for MythMusic; here's a list of things that spring
> > to
> > mind:
> >
> > 1. IPOD support, and for other portable devices
> > (USB)

The mfd mfe stuff does quite a goed job in this, as it comes to
communicating with the iTunes-server. Nothing like syncing and stuff
like that, but this would 't be very useful imho. There are other
programs for that. Playing songs through Myth, while doing other
things would be more useful. I think it would be possible to set up a
daap-server on the myth-box that accesses your iPod.
Problem right now is that the mfe has not that many features. 
- It can play a playlist (from iTunes) but you can 't stop it. 
- It is not possible to play a full album, only single songs. 
- Navigating through the library is not easy.
- You can 't create playlists in iTunes-content.
However the mfd/mfe-combi is quite stable, I have it running for
months without a crash. So this would be a good basis to start
working, I think.
It would be nice if the mfe would be integrated into MythMusic and
gain the same functionality.
I would surely like to help getting things like this done. However I
am not a coder and can 't be of great use, I think... Willing to learn

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