[mythtv] [Experimental PATCH] BIG DVB PATCH V3.4 Released

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Thu Jan 6 16:33:09 EST 2005

On Thursday 06 January 2005 03:48, Taylor Jacob wrote:
> > i see in DVBSIParser::AddPid() an open() call and an ioctl call which if
> > it fails does not close the fd. could this be a problem as i seem to
> > recall the message i got was something about "failing to open section
> > filter".
> John caught a nasty bug in DVBSIParser::DelAllPids() that wasn't actually
> closing all the pids but intead constantly closing FD 0.. This is fixed in
> my cvs.. You can try changing
>         close(it.data().fd);
> to
>          close(it.key());
> and see if that fixes the issue.  If not let me know.
> > sorry for the vagueness, but it is 2am and i wanted to get this out
> > before i crashed.
> No was helpful.

my hexus-s is now working! thanks for your help.
what i changed today (apart from setting the default startup channel to a 
known good one) was:

1) for some reason my lirc modules had not loaded correctly. rmmod'ing the 
modprobe'ing them fixed it so i did a reboot.

2) i removed (from the configuration - not the machine) a cheapo frame grabber 
card (which wouldn't tune anyway - next thing to fix)

3) i removed all sat channels from the tables and started again. not knowing 
the code i thought maybe a sucessful "search all" would do something to the 
config at the end. who knows!

4) i discovered that i had two msp3400 modules. i removed the stock kernel one 
(2.9.10) and went with the ivtv one.

i'm not wure which of these cured my problems. i suspect 4 but don't know how 
that could be it. it was only after i discovered the duplicates did i do a 
reboot. but then again, the card would work outside myth.

once again, thanks for the help and keep the patches coming.

any idea if and when they will be incorporated into CVS?

ps looks like i might get an early night tonight!

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