[mythtv] mythdvd / mythvideo DVD jukebox mode?

Brian Ristuccia brianr-mythtv-dev at osiris.978.org
Wed Jan 5 11:16:04 EST 2005

I'd like to implement a jukebox mode in mythdvd. My proposed mode would
allow selection of previously loaded DVD's from the mythvideo menu, which
would function exactly as if they were inserted in the machine's DVD drive.
Bonus points if the disc titles are looked up in IMDB and the mythvideo
metadata populated at load time. Also bonus if these virtual discs could
later be selected from the mythdvd "Extract DVD" menu for transcoding. Some
logic for marking infrequently played disc images to be transcoded and/or
discarded would be nice too.

I've been able to get roughly what I want by doing  

dd if=/dev/dvddrive bs=2048 of=/var/lib/mythvideo/DVDTITLE.dvdimage

and associating the .dvdimage extension with my DVD player application. When
I select the resulting file in mythvideo, the DVD player application opens
and the disc is fully functional including navigation, special features, and
so on, just as if it had been picked from a jukebox by a robotic picker and
placed into my DVD drive.

Before I start work, I'd like to check here to see if there is already any
work started on getting this type of functionalty in mythvideo / mythdvd.
Any thoughts or suggestions?

Brian Ristuccia
brian at ristuccia.com

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