[mythtv] Bug report - conidition causing master backend to become unresponsive

Torsten Schenkel mythtv at isl.mach.uni-karlsruhe.de
Sat Jan 1 20:07:00 EST 2005

Am Sonntag, den 02.01.2005, 01:26 +0100 schrieb Rudy Zijlstra:
> Hi all,
> I'm not very good at coding, better at testing. So this is for those 
> better at coding than me.
> Found a condition in which the master backend will become unresponsive 
> although it will not crash (i wish it did that, was a lot clearer).
> master backend - normally running, good access to storage
> slave backend - running, but read only access to (nfs) storage (yes, 
> config error in my network, being solved)
> schedule a recording on the slave backend.
> at the start of the recording the slave backend will crash, leaving the 
> master backend unresponsive. Already ongoing recordings will continue, 
> but any new recording will no longer be activated, nor will the master 
> backend respond to queries (at least not after some hours, when i 
> discovered this).


Similar/related bug can be triggered here. Trigger: Slave backend
exiting by ANY cause other than signal 9. Might be a kernel freeze
(slave backend is on my workstation which has some experimental SW),
dying terminal or other reason.



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