[mythtv] smallest os mythtv will run in

Brill Pappin brill at pappin.ca
Mon Feb 28 03:06:19 UTC 2005

I'm looking to set up a disk image that I can create a number of mythtv 
installs from (all on the same hardware).

Linux is pretty large and I want to get the minimum possible install, 
and still have it run properly (I'll go as far as removing what I don't 

So, a few questions:
- What OS has the least problems (opinion of course).
- Is there a complete list of dependancies some place?

Forgive me if I need to RTFM, I have but may have missed something I've 
asked here.

For a little background, I'm a BSD guy if anything (actually a java guy, 
but JNode isn't up to the task yet), however I'm not comfortable with 
the BSD support for MythTV (who needs extra hassle?).
I'm trying to set up an "out of the box" install with only what is 
needed that I can tune and sell pre-built hardware for.

Suggestions are welcome.

- Brill Pappin

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